Welcome to Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge provides dignified pet cremation services to citizens throughout the UK. With our own plot of idyllic land in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, we aim to provide a peaceful and picturesque resting place for your family pets before you’re reunited once again.

So, whether you have a beloved horse, dog, cat or any number of smaller animals that have sadly passed away, our service will ensure that it is cremated according to your wishes. If you choose to have your furry friend cremated, you can choose to have the ashes returned or spread lovingly over the Rainbow Bridge.

We Care

 We know what it’s like to lose a loved one, and you’re safe in the knowledge that we are a friendly, approachable and understanding team.

Farewell Room

 At Rainbow Bridge, we have a Farewell Room where you can achieve closure on your pet’s passing, while achieving the peace of mind.

A Quality of Service

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service to all customers, from the initial consultation through to the final goodbyes.

Family-Run Business

 Rainbow Bridge is a family run business that truly cares. Please get in-touch to find out more information.


Our Belief

We strongly believe in our brand and the services that we deliver, as we strive to provide comfort in your hour of need and a peaceful resting place for your pet. This way, you can afford your beloved pet a send-off that they truly deserve.

A Special Place For Your Beloved Pet

Rainbow Bridge is a special place where our beloved pets go when they have passed. Its lush meadows and peaks are home to pets that have passed but remain forever in their loved one’s heart.

Regardless of whether old age or ill health ended their time on earth, the belief of Rainbow Bridge is that animals are restored to full health, to enable them to play and run together in the most idyllic of locations, recapturing the health and vigour of their youth, just as they appear when you dream of their time on earth.

It’s our belief that after your own journey into the afterlife, you are reunited in a joyous and heartfelt reunion, as you cling to one another in the reassuring knowledge that you’ll never be parted again. And with this, you both become whole again as you cross the Rainbow Bridge and together enter the gates of heaven.

Rainbow Bridge are also proud to be an official supplier of Petributes products.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Had my beloved dog pass away last week, we didn’t know what to do, so we rang up Rainbow Bridge in Shafton, they gave us lots of options and explained everything, we decided to opt for the cremation as we could then spread her ashes in her favourite spot, (where we would take her on walks every day) I am very grateful for the support that Rainbow Bridge gave us and would highly recommend them.

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