Rainbow Bridge has developed a dignified pet cremation service to help you bid a temporary farewell to your beloved pet. So, while you wait to be reunited with your pet, we can help to provide closure and genuine peace of mind during your time of need..

We’ll then host a dignified service where your pet is cremated, and you’re more than welcome to attend the farewell room, which provides you with the space and the privacy to say goodbye and send your pet towards the sunlit planes of the Rainbow Bridge.

Your pets ashes will then be carefully gathered and stored, at which point we can scatter them across the idyllic Rainbow Bridge and immortalise your pets memory in the most fitting way imaginable. If not, you’re free to take these ashes home and scatter them at a location of your choice.

We’ll also deliver bespoke services based on your precise needs and budget, with individual cremations available to suit your circumstances. Regardless, your pet will experience a fitting and dignified send-off, while you also achieve some form of closure in the wake of your pet’s passing.

Our picturesque land in the heart of South Yorkshire is so central to the service that we provide, as its stunning meadows and open planes perfectly encapsulate our visions of the Rainbow Bridge and bring them vividly to life. We can think of no finer place to spread the ashes of your beloved pet, as you look to commemorate their life and identify the ideal resting place until the time comes when you can be reunited in a loving embrace.

Ultimately, the choice of where you scatter your pet’s ashes is a deeply personal one, but you can rest assured with our cremation service that they will receive the type of dignified and respectful service that they deserve.

If you’re in need of our services at the Rainbow Bridge or are simply curious, we’d invite you to give us a call and speak to our team. Make no mistake; we understand the grief that can be caused by losing a beloved pet, and have made it our mission to provide the hope, closure and peace of mind that owners need during this time.

Guinea Pig